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Painted Hands

Educational Support

I have had the pleasure of working alongside a wide range of diverse children. This has been within mainstream school, pupil referral units and alternative provision in children's own homes. Support is based on the child's abilities, interests and requirements. It is flexible and adaptable depending on the child's capabilities. I liaise with education co-coordinators, social workers and other relevant professionals to ensure the child is receiving the best possible support. Working inclusively the child will be able to achieve goals and gain confidence in their learning journey.

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  • Basic Literacy Skills- Reading, Mark making, Singing, Music and Dance, Writing stories and recipes for cooking and playing games.

  • Basic Numeracy Skills- Counting objects, Shape sorting, Addition and Subtraction, Measuring, Telling the time and Coin values.

  • Life Skills- Personal Hygiene, Keeping Safe, Accessing the community, Healthy Eating, Knowing how to get help and Dangers.

  • Social Relationships- Encouraging and prompting good communication skills, Acceptable Behaviour, Developing confidence, Promoting connections with the local community.

  • Sensory Activities- Stimulating the 5 senses; sound, sight, smell, touch and taste. This works all areas of the child’s brain and supports cognitive development. Sensory circuits are used along with time in the garden and outside the home for physical development.


My aim is to provide children with opportunities and make learning fun. Focusing on the child's strengths and empowering them to achieve. 

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