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Encourage. Believe. Empower. Achieve

About me

My name is Ellie, I have a wealth of knowledge working in support. I have volunteered in different settings, helped at events and fundraised. In my 13 years’ experience I have had the pleasure of working alongside lots of unique individuals from different backgrounds that are affected by mental illness, ADHD, Autism, challenging behaviour and physical disabilities. I have worked in individual’s homes and supported people at community events and groups. I have enjoyed my roles as a family support practitioner, supporting children in education and working in a therapeutic environment. I am passionate about making a difference to others lives and hold the individual at the heart of everything I do.

Unique Support for Unique People (US4UP) helps individuals be supported how I believe they should be. US4UP is different to other services. Most people are able to get support with their care when required, but many would like the opportunity to continue to have great experiences, meet new people, try a new hobby or interest or go out for the day and would benefit from someone to help them make this possible. I would like to be part of that journey with people. I am always there to listen, I can be your voice when you want to be heard and I will encourage you to make positive changes to your life.

There are many difficulties we face in everyday life but these do not need to become who we are, we are more than that and I embrace individuality. US4UP understand many of the challenges we can face and we are here to help you do what you can to overcome these, in a way that suits you. I believe focusing on people’s strengths enables them to achieve their goals. I want to provide a valuable service until the individual is no longer needing support. I will do this by forming relationships based on trust, giving you the support that is required and help you to become more independent, stronger, confident, and be able to live a happier more fulfilling life. I am proud to offer a service where the individual is at the centre of all decisions with their choices valued and respected. Unique Support for Unique People is your service, we discuss what it is you want and how we can help you to do it.

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